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OEP 7/7/20: Marcus Fischer guest mix

OEP 7/7/20: Marcus Fischer guest mix

July 8, 2020

Huge thank you to my PDX friend Marcus Fischer for putting together this guest mix. I have known him for over a decade, and before he went ambient big w/ 12k he was the one putting together all the ambient show fliers and playing most of them (all for free of course). He is the guy that you go on tour with and he plays different sets every show while you play the same exact thing every stop. He is the best!


0:00 MINAMO & MOSKITOO - “Atypical Dialogue” - Superstition

6:27 Sam Prekop - “September Remember” - Comma (Coming August 21st, 2020 - Thrill Jockey) 

11:15 Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - “Wave” - Elements of Light

15:06 Collen - “The Golden Morning Breaks” - The Golden Morning Breaks

19:57 Daniel Schmidt - “And the Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn” - In My Arms, Many Flowers

27:42 Світлана Охріменко - “III Episode” - Original Performed Soundtrack Transilvania Smile

33:23 Emily A. Sprague - “Mesa” - Mesa

38:01 Hiroshi Yoshimura - “Feet” - Green

43:57 Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange - “Light. Everywhere is Light…” - The Afterlife

52:50 Sibylle Baier - “Forget” - Colour Green

55:24 Marcus Fischer & Ryuichi Sakamoto - “Fragile Well” - Incomplete 

Optic Echo Presents 6/30/20

Optic Echo Presents 6/30/20

July 1, 2020

Forest Management- Encounter a1 https://forestmanagement.bandcamp.com/album/encounter
Alex Haley- Tells the Story a1
Cremation Lily- Processes and Instruments of Normal People… a3 https://cremationlily.bandcamp.com/album/the-processes-and-instruments-of-normal-people-trying-and-failing-falling-and-water-running-2
Belong- Common Era b5 https://belong.bandcamp.com/album/common-era
Beatriz Ferreyra- Echos + a1 https://room40.bandcamp.com/album/echos
Goldmund- Malady of Elegance a5 https://heliosmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-malady-of-elegance
Tim Hecker- Harmony in Ultraviolet c1 https://timhecker.bandcamp.com/album/harmony-in-ultraviolet
Jacaszek- Treny b2
Yellow Moon Band (Xela remix)- Remixes b1
Deaf Center- Pale Ravine a1 https://deafcenter.bandcamp.com/album/pale-ravine
Anduin + Jasper TX- Bending of Light a1
Max Richter- Blue Notebooks a3 https://dg.lnk.to/Richter-TheBlueNotebooks

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OEP 6/23/20: CM Wolf guest mix

OEP 6/23/20: CM Wolf guest mix

June 25, 2020

Big thank you to CM Wolf for putting together this week's guest mix. He runs the Variform sound gallery here in downtown PDX with his wife Patricia, find out more at https://www.variform.org/ 

Susan Epps - Streets of Recovery 
Maggi Payne - Ahh-Ahh (ver 2.1) 
Francesco Messina - Fine Novecento 
Sea Urchin - Natal Uranus, il Corpo Sotto la Sabbia (Single edit) 
Shining Lotus - Water Trance cassette side 2 
Masahiro Sugaya - 空にとけるサーカス 
A.R.T. Wilson - Sun Sign Aries 
Takao - Crystal Tunnel 
Nini Raviolette and Hugo Weris - Slow 
Elaine Kibaro - L'Amour Pour Bouclier 
Aragon - Polaris 
Masashi Hamauzu — Wandering Flame 
Ned Bouhalassa - Les Ondes Fantômes-Montréal Inoui 
Joji Yuasa - I've Lost It 
Jonathan William Scherk - Untitled 3 
G.S. Sultan - Modified Mirror and Match 
Sam Kidel - Voice Recognition DoS Attack 
Ellen Arkbro - Chords for Guitar 
Anne Laplantine - Hamburg 1 
Aki Tsuyuko - Solitary Tiger 
Khotin - Canada Line 
Kevin Holden - Live at YU 

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Optic Echo Presents 6/16/20

Optic Echo Presents 6/16/20

June 17, 2020

new music by:
Anthéne- https://mailbox-label.bandcamp.com/album/transit-transition 
ASIP- unreleased (Archives 01) 
RAI- https://irisarri.bandcamp.com/album/peripeteia 
Equal Stones- https://equalstones.bandcamp.com/album/hands-of-a-murderer 
Federico Durand- https://12kmusic.bandcamp.com/album/alba 
Eluvium- https://fieldworks.bandcamp.com/album/ultrasonic 

Dedekind Cut- The Expanding Domain b2
Anthéne- Transit / Transition a2
Strië- Orbital Planes & Passinger Trains Vol. 1 b3
Freescha- Slower than Church Music b6
Ben Frost- By the Throat a4
Odd Nosdam- Untitled Three b4
Mr Kit- Archives 01 b2
Rafael Anton Irisarri- Peripeteia b1
Christian Kleine- Beyond Repair b4
Gert Behanna- Women Be Women! a1.2
Equal Stones- Hands of a Murderer b2
Federico Durand- Alba b5
Eluvium- Field Works: Ultrasonic a1
Marcus Fischer Taylor Deupree- In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes 7” a1

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Tuesday evenings 6-8pm PST
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OEP 6/9/20: Fax guest mix

OEP 6/9/20: Fax guest mix

June 10, 2020

Big thank you to Rubén Alonso / Fax for providing this week's guest mix. Check out his new album out with Ibarra on Fallen Moon Records entitled Black Echo : https://fallenmoonrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/alonso-x-ibarra-black-echo 

Bufferin Memories (Excerpt 1)- Raymond Scott 
The Revolt Of Aphrodite- Primitive World 
Pool- Martina Lussi 
Weight- Sary Moussa 
Formas Aparentes- Jose Orozco Mora 
Three Sides of a Shell (1. Aperture)- Oceanic 
Procel- Naemi 
Bufferin Memories (Excerpt 2)- Raymond Scott 
No Tongue- Qasim Naqvi 
Third Bass- Aural Imbalance 
Remembrance- Midori Hirano 
Solidary Defeat- jjjacob 
Fortune Teller- Cosmic Neighbourhood 
Three Sides of a Shell (2. Columella)- Oceanic 
Mutualism- Huerta 
Pre-Op- More Eaze & Claire Rousay 
Elephant- Julian Edwardes 
Land III (Feat. Carmen Ruiz)- Fax 
The End Of Ecstasy- Schacke 
Bufferin Memories (Excerpt 3)- Raymond Scott 

Tuesday nights 6-8pm PST 
107.1 / 91.1 FM KXRY Portland 
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Optic Echo Presents 6/2/20

Optic Echo Presents 6/2/20

June 3, 2020

Nik Francis Trio- Floats the Wind b3: https://topology.bandcamp.com/album/floats-the-wind
Flying Lotus- Cosmogramma a4: https://flying-lotus.warp.net/release/123645-flying-lotus-cosmogramma
Dedekind Cut- Tahoe b1: https://leebannon.bandcamp.com/album/tahoe-ded007
VA- Beyond the Blues b6.2
Serengeti- Dennis 6E a2: https://kennydennis.bandcamp.com/album/dennis-6e
Swamp Dogg- Love, Loss and Auto Tune b4: https://swampdogg.bandcamp.com/album/love-loss-and-auto-tune
Galcher Lustwerk- Information a1: https://galcherlustwerk.bandcamp.com/album/information
Malcom X- Fire and Fury a1
Ras G- Down2Earth vol. 2 a6: https://rasgtheafrikanspaceprogram.bandcamp.com/album/down-to-earth-vol-2
Forest Management- After Dark b3: https://forestmanagementadr.bandcamp.com/album/after-dark
J Dilla- Donuts a6: https://dilla.bandcamp.com/album/donuts
Teebs- Anicca a1: https://teebs.bandcamp.com/album/anicca
I was on a zoom w/ the executive of XRAY, Klyph, Ambush, and others the night before Blackout Tuesday, wondering what to do for the next day's broadcast. We hoped to go silent the entire day, but weirdly enough it's illegal to not broadcast on FM and we could lose our license (big deal). I decided to play music the first 30min by black artists I admire, play speeches the next 30min by black voices, then I handed it off to Ambush of the black run The Numberz radio station (96.7 PDX) for the last hour. This is the first section, listen to the podcast on www.xray.fm for the full show.

OEP 5/26/20: Kuma guest mix

OEP 5/26/20: Kuma guest mix

May 27, 2020

Big thank you to Kuma for providing this week's guest mix from Vancouver, BC. For more information including sounds from his various side projects and his radio show, check the links below


Susannah And The Magical Orchestra - Hallelujah
Sigur Ros - Sleep 1
Aphex Twin - Blue Calx
Pinkcourtesyphone - Afternoon Theme (long version)
Shackleton - Deadman (Death Dub Version) 
The Sight Below - Karma Karma ft Siavash Amini 
Clarice Jensen - BC 
Christina Vantzou - Homemade Mountains 
Sophia Loizou - The Voices Of Time 
Cortney Tidwell - Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan Pearson’s Beatless Version) 
Kevin Richard Martin - A Bright Future 
Coil - Dark River 
Salvaticus Selvatico - Closing 
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Long May It Sustain 
Killing Joke - Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Mix) 

Optic Echo Presents
Tuesday nights 6-8pm PST
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Optic Echo Presents 5/19/20

Optic Echo Presents 5/19/20

May 20, 2020

Featuring new music by:
36 & Black Swan- https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/in-four-parts
Helm- https://hhelmm.bandcamp.com/album/chemical-flowers
Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson- https://chuckjohnson.bandcamp.com/album/rain-shadow

Jim Guthrie- Below OST a1
Pilote- Doitnowman a2.2
36 & Black Swan- In 4 Parts b2
Helm- Chemical Flowers b3
Future Sound of London- Yage a1
Prefuse 73- Vocal Studies + Upright Narratives d3
Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson- Rain Shadow a2
Zen Zsigo- Winter Orbit b2
Gert Behanna- Who Is the Alcoholic? a1.4
Slow Dancing Society- Fantosmes a1

Optic Echo Presents
Tuesday nights 6-8pm PST
107.1 / 91.1 FM KXRY Portland
Streaming www.xray.fm

OEP 5/13/20 Rafael Anton Irisarri guest mix

OEP 5/13/20 Rafael Anton Irisarri guest mix

May 13, 2020

Big thank you to Rafael Anton Irisarri for providing this week's guest mix. Check out some preview tracks off his new album, Peripeteia, out May 22nd on Dais Records: https://irisarri.bandcamp.com/album/peripeteia 

00:00 Lars Blek - Nattarbete (gar01)
03:52 Julianna Barwick - Afternoon
07:59 Mary Lattimore - We Wave From Our Boats
11:41 Fennesz - Live At Empty Bottle
15:54 Benoît Pioulard - If I could be anything I'd be nothing
18:34 Kelly Moran - Animas
24:52 Lucrecia Dalt - Illness As Metaphor
26:21 Sarah Davachi - Dysis
26:58 Noveller - No Trace
28:15 OMBRE - The Nod
32:00 Andreas Tilliander - Case Studies For Buchla Volume One (03 07-28)
35:02 Lars Blek - Om det skulle regna (gar01)
38:30 Siavash Amini + Rafael Anton Irisarri - Lardaskan
43:58 Sarah Davachi - Third Triad
49:28 Oren Ambarchi - Simian Angel
58:00 Mary Lattimore, Ornament - Live in the Rain From the Russian Woods
58:40 Noveller - The Search
60:42 Fennesz - Live At Empty Bottle

OEP 4/28/20: wndfrm guest mix

OEP 4/28/20: wndfrm guest mix

April 29, 2020

Thank you to Tim Westcott/wndfrm for providing this week's guest mix for us. Tim's latest releases can be found on his bandcamp:

Chloe Alexandra- walks/flowers
Richard chartier- location
burke jam- decreation
Robert curgenven- doors open and, with the breath of the wind, we are subsumed
steve roden- airforms
Lawrence English- approaching nothing
catherine lee & matt hannafin- triangle
takashi matsudaira- shiroi shojo (a girl in white)
patricia wolf- cellular chorus woods of home edit
Christina kubisch- circles III
chris watson- high pressure
frank bretschneider- vertical time
Taylor deupree- tokei 2
reliqs- ritual1
tetsu inoue- synthetic doom
aphex twin- lichen

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