Optic Echo Presents
Optic Echo Presents 3/30/21

Optic Echo Presents 3/30/21

March 31, 2021

Emily A. Sprague- Hill, Flower, Fog b1 https://mlesprg.bandcamp.com/album/hill-flower-fog-2

Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich b8

Daedelus- Exquisite Corpse a3 https://daedelusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/exquisite-corpse

Allred & Broderick- What the Fog b1 https://dauw.bandcamp.com/album/what-the-fog

Meemo Comma- Neon Genesis a3 https://meemocomma.bandcamp.com/album/neon-genesis-soul-into-matter

Richard Skelton- These Charms May Be Sung Over a Wound a3 https://phantomlimblabel.bandcamp.com/album/these-charms-may-be-sung-over-a-wound

Dialect - Under ~  Between a5 https://dialect-trax.bandcamp.com/album/under-between

Dakim- Voices b5 https://ddustdirect.bandcamp.com/album/voices

Eluvium- Life Through Bombardment v1 a1 https://eluvium.bandcamp.com/album/lambent-material

Pan American - Cloud Room, Glass Room a1 https://panamerican.bandcamp.com/album/cloud-room-glass-room

36 & Awakened Souls- Other Side of Darkness b3 https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/the-other-side-of-darkness

Louis Sterling- Adisceda a2 https://louissterling.bandcamp.com/album/adisceda

Claire Rousay- A Softer Focus b3 https://clairerousay.bandcamp.com/album/a-softer-focus

OEP 3/32/21: worriedaboutsatan guest mix

OEP 3/32/21: worriedaboutsatan guest mix

March 24, 2021

Big thank you to worriedaboutsatan for putting together this week's guest mix. Check out Gavin's past releases, including labels n5MD and Past Inside the Present, here:


1. some birds outside my window from 2019

2. Hot Tap - 999 [Please Hold]

3. HTRK - Body Lotion [Body Lotion]

4. FRKTL - Prologue [Prose Edda]

5. King Midas Sound - Sumtime [Waiting For You]

6. Marta Mist - Marta's Lament [Years: Singles Collected 2010-2012]

7. Broadcast - Tears In The Typing Pool [Tender Buttons]

8. Troye Sivan - Could Cry Just Thinkin About You [In A Dream]

9. worriedaboutsatan - Speak To Me [Circles I]

10. Kode 9 & The Spaceape - Sine [Memories Of The Future]

11. Keith Hudson Meets King Tubby - Satia [Rough Guide To Dub]

12. me walking around Leeds in 2010

13. Falconetti - Magna Via [A History Of Skyscrapers]

14. Amusement Parks On Fire - At Last The Night [Out Of The Angeles]

15. Cloud Boat - Dréan [Book Of Hours]

16. Caroline Polachek - The Gate [Pang]

17. Pye Corner Audio feat. Faten Kanaan - The Darkest Wave [The Darkest Wave]

18. Marie Davidson - Excès de Vitesse [Un Autre Voyage]

19. worriedaboutsatan - Für Immer [Providence]

20. me walking to a lift in an apartment block in Manchester, 2012

OEP 3/9/21: Part Timer guest mix

OEP 3/9/21: Part Timer guest mix

March 10, 2021

Big thank you to John McCaffrey / Part Timer for providing this week's guest mix. For more info, check out his bandcamp page:


PS check out his Clickits record on Moteer if you are able to find a copy!

Time Artist- Album- Track
00:00 Toan- Volta No Vento- Magnetophonie
02:52 Olivier Alary & Johannes Malfatti- U,I- I Can’t Even See Myself
10:34 BlankFor.ms- Works For Tape and Piano- Nothing Selfless
13.50 Grotta Veterano- Ennio’s Muse (compilation)- L’estate (For M)
17:00 Jacaszek- Glimmer- Goldengrove
20:24 Emanuele Errante- Yon- Myself & I
23:59 Phil Tomsett- The Sound of Someone Leaving- It’s Not an Escape, It’s a Release
27:44 Isnaj Dui- Unstable Equilibrium- Klangfarbenkreis
31:39 Olga Wojciechowska- ASIP 2020 Label Compilation- Labyrinth Made of Labyrinths
35:12 Cass.- Magical Magical- Murph’s Dream
37:59 Herion- Out & About- Lindos
41:02 Zake- Orchestral Studies Collectanea- Motion
43:08 Tokyo Bloodworm (remixer: Children of the Wave)- Palestine Remixes- Blind Daughters of Gaza (Blind Daughters of Melbourne Remix)
47:56 END

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OEP 2/23/21: Wife Signs guest mix

OEP 2/23/21: Wife Signs guest mix

February 24, 2021

Big thank you to Wife Signs for putting together this week's guest mix. Check out their recent release on Healing Sound Propagandist (Past Inside the Present sublabel) entitled "Beneath the Weight of Care":
Twitter: @WifeSigns

1 Menelik Wèsnatchèw - "Tezeta" 00:00 
2 Federico Durand - "Se Hizo De Noche" 04:21 
3 Ironomi - "歩風" 05:50 
4 Kibrom Birhane, Etsegenet Mekonnen - "Tizita" 09:49 
5 Anenon - "Open" 15:09 
6 Wife Signs - "In an Outworn Cage" 18:21 
7 Justin Walter - "Red Cabin" 24:18 
8 Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - "Homesickness, Pt. 1" 25:37 
9 Djivan Gasparyan - "I Will Not Be Sad in This World" 9:24 
10 [Artist unknown] - "Shipibo Song" 35:35 
11 Metei - "Seto"37:07 
12 Lilien Rosarian - "Moss Hugs All Walls" 38:36 
13 Trevor Powers - "2166" 41:45 
14 Marz - "The Rain Rains" 45:39 
15 Celer - "Text Me When You Wake Up" 48:51 
16 Eleanor Cully - "Lark in the Clear Air" 55:35

Optic Echo Presents 2/16/21

Optic Echo Presents 2/16/21

February 17, 2021

RZA- Ghost Dog a1   

Ana Roxanne- Because of a Flower a1 https://anaroxanne.bandcamp.com/album/because-of-a-flower-2

Erik K Skodvin- Anbessa a2 https://erikkskodvin.bandcamp.com/album/anbessa

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma- Love is a Stream a1 https://shiningskullstudio.bandcamp.com/album/love-is-a-stream-2020-edition

Soft Pink Truth- Shall We Go On a1.4 https://thesoftpinktruth.bandcamp.com/album/shall-we-go-on-sinning-so-that-grace-may-increase

Mokira- Chill Out a2 https://kontra-musik.bandcamp.com/album/chill-out

William S Burroughs- Break Through in Grey Room b4

Orla Wren- The Blind Deaf Stone d1 https://timereleasedsound.bandcamp.com/album/the-blind-deaf-stone

Black Swan- Repetition Hymns b3 https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/repetition-hymns

Black Taffy-  Opal Wand a3 https://blacktaffy.bandcamp.com/album/opal-wand

Knxwledge- Anthology b5 https://knxwledge.bandcamp.com/album/anthology

Dedekind Cut- American Zen b2 https://dedekindcut.bandcamp.com/album/american-zen-ded003-ep-17-se

DJ Food- Kaleidoscope b2.1 https://djfood.bandcamp.com/album/kaleidoscope

Eduardo Briganty- Microgramas b5 https://elmuellerecords.bandcamp.com/album/microgramas

Hammock- Longest Year a2 https://hammock.bandcamp.com/album/longest-year-2020

Zakè- Orchestral Studies Collecctanea a5 https://hammock.bandcamp.com/album/longest-year-2020

OEP 2/9/21: City of Dawn guest mix

OEP 2/9/21: City of Dawn guest mix

February 10, 2021

Big thank you to City of Dawn for providing this week's guest mix. Find out more information on them by checking out their extensive back catalogue on bandcamp:



City Of Dawn- Avenoir : Avenoir (0:00 - 08:15)
Joshua W Bruner- Sifting Thoughts : Viewings ( 08:20 - 16:48)
Flower & Frequency- Temple of Daydream : Gathering on the Grass (16:49 - 26:08)
City Of Dawn- Flowering Smile : Aubade ( 26:09 - 31:50)
dottie- Lark : Collection (31:51 - 35:20)
Heavy Stars- Heavy Stars : Portico (35:22 - 42:51)
Akkad The Orphic Priest- The Four : The Four (42:52 - 54:16)
zaké- Descent : Coppice Movements (54:17 - 56:28)
Willamette- New York Heat : Echo Park (56:29 - 59:15)

OEP: best vinyl of 2020

OEP: best vinyl of 2020

January 27, 2021


KMRU- Peel c1 

Jake Muir- The Hum of Your Veiled Voice b2 

Lucy Gooch- Rushing a2 

Quiet Places- Volume 1 a1 

TR Jordan- Just for You a1 

Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson- Rain Shadow a2 

Fadi Tabbal- Subject to Potential Errors and Distortion a4 

Tape Loop Orchestra- Returning Two a1.2 

36 & Zakè- Stasis Sounds for Long-Distance Space Travel a2 

Valance Drakes- Freedom is it’s Own Kind of Slavery b1 

OFFTHESKY & The Humble Bee- We Were the Hum of Dreams b3 

Inventions- Continuous Portrait b4 

Sarah Davachi- Cantus, Descant a3 

WL (Patricia Wolf remix)- ADHD (flexidisc) 

Night Sea- Still b1 

Pepo Galan & Sita Ostheimer- Contact b3 

Windy and Carl- Allegiance and Conviction b1 

Gia Magaret- Mia Garget b1 

Haunted Ghost- New Life Paeans a3 

Claire Rousay- Both b1.2 

R beny - The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Glow a1 

Black Brunswicker- Thesis 18 b1.2 

Secret Pyramid- Embers b2

OEP 12/1/20: Neglect guest mix

OEP 12/1/20: Neglect guest mix

December 2, 2020

Big thank you to Neglect for providing this week's guest mix. Check out my favorite album by Joseph, Western Romance Novels, and others on his bandcamp below:



Kaiwa - Stasis (Weathervane) 
Strategy - The Babbling Brook (Longform Editions) 
Music For Sleep - Pedra (self release) 
TM 404 - 303/303/303/303/707/808 (Kontra Musik) 
Graintable - Universal Ash (Ransom Note)
Antenes - Take Me To The Birds (For A) (Silent Season) 
Wa Wu We - Where Colors Are The Birds (Hypnus) 
Stanislav Tolkachev - Farewell (Semantica)
Coil - MU UR (segment) (Threshold House)
Jake Muir - melting like the stars (Sferic)
El Mahdy Jr. - Last Breath (Zam Zam)
Laraaji - Meditation No. 2 (Editions EG)
Neglect - Inlet Nova (Weathervane) 
Daniel Menche - October Larynx Part Two (self release)

isolatedmix 104 - Optic Echo

isolatedmix 104 - Optic Echo

November 25, 2020

I did a mix for Ryan at ASIP for his excellent isolatedmix series, which included an interview:


01. The Orb- Orbvs Terrarvm  c1.1
02. Pinkcourtesyphone- Sentimental Something  b1
03. W Tang- Instrumentals  b1
04. Night Sequels- Children of the Night Make Music  c2
05. 36- Dream Tempest  b
06. Lucy Gooch- Rushing  a2
07. Eluvium- Life Through Bombardment vol2  f1.2
08. William S Burroughs- Break Through in Grey Room  b4
09. Wanderwelle- A State of Decrepitude  a3
10. Future Sound of London- Lifeforms  b3
11. Clickits- Moteer 001  b4
12. Orla Wren- Butterfly Wings Make  a4
13. Ceeys & Constant Presence- Thesis 17  a1
14. Hildur Gudnadóttir- Chernobyl  a1
15. Four Tet- Sixteen Oceans  a4
16. Tom Scott- Hilldrop  b1
17. Dakota Suite (Hauschka remix)- The Night Just Keeps Coming In  a4

OEP 11/17/20: Elias Foley guest mix

OEP 11/17/20: Elias Foley guest mix

November 18, 2020

Big thank you to Elias Foley, head of Tamarack Music here in Portland. Check out his release from earlier this month, Network 1: Post Human on bandcamp, and his appearance on the Form the Head Podcast here:


Al Mothlath - Dead Traveler
Saint Abdullah - Brown Eyed People of Rafsanjani
Echo Wanderer - Post Human Network [Echo Wanderer Refix]
Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - Diviner
Photek - The Sea
Fadi Tabbal - Ceremony by the Sea
Maarja Nuut - Underneath There Is
SciFiSol - Just A Game
Telefon Tel Aviv - standing at the bottom of the ocean;
Heather Perkins - Happiest Time Of His Life (Help Yourself)
Via Dekum - Cloud Annex
The Cinematic Orchestra - Wait For Now/Leave The World (featuring Tawiah)
Elias Foley - Post Human (Moments)

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