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OEP 9/21/21: Keep The Orange Sun guest mix

September 22, 2021

Huge thank you to Keep the Orange Sun for providing the guest mix this week. The trio split things up with James Bernard taking the beginning, From Overseas mixing the middle, and Marine Eyes closing out the set. 

New album out this Friday on Past Inside the Present:

From Overseas- California sound collage
Squarepusher- Tommib Help Buss (0:09) 
Bochum Welt- La Nuit (2:05)
Jordi Savall- Prelude Pour Mr. Vauquelin (5:57)
Murcof- Rostro (7:32)
Radiohead- Treefingers (14:46) 
Hammock-Always Before Your Eyes (18:22) 
Slowdive- Rutti (21:54) 
Cocteau Twins- Pearly Dewdrops’ Drops (31:47) 
Keep The Orange Sun- Keep The Orange Sun (35:52) 
Julianna Barwick- Forever (39:50)
Jonas Munk- Minimum Resistance (44:51)
poemme- symphony of meadow (49:45)
From Overseas- California sound collage

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