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OEP 9/22/20: Isaac Helsen guest mix

OEP 9/22/20: Isaac Helsen guest mix

September 23, 2020

Big thank you to Isaac Helsen, 1/2 of the ambient label Past Inside the Present, for providing this week's guest mix. Check out his release Remnants Series I - VIII on the PITP label here:


[0:00] Oiseaux-Tempête — Notes From The Mediterranean Sea
[3:56] Idlefon — Pickers Of Empty Cocoons (with Nima Pourkarimi)
[7:16] Cyberian — Sanctuary of Pain
[14:14] Christina Giannone — Renunciation
[21:20] KMRU — Why Are You Here
[30:08] Forest Management — Blue Leaves
[34:04] Siavash Amini — Moonless Garden
[42:16] NUM — Isolated Room
[48:12] Jayve Montgomery — Here Is Where We Now
[52:30] Clarice Jensen — Day Tonight
[59:22] Cat Tyson Hughes — A Lovely Walk
[1:02:14] Saltbreaker — Extraction 1
[1:04:04] NUM — Blue

Optic Echo Presents 9/15/20

Optic Echo Presents 9/15/20

September 16, 2020

Knxwledge- 1988 a9 https://knxwledge.bandcamp.com/album/1988 
Hood- Cold House b5 
Savath & Savalas- Immediate Action b1 
Fila Brazillia- AnotherLateNight d1 
Christina Vantzou- Multi Natural  a5 https://edicoescn.bandcamp.com/album/multi-natural 
J. Douglas Edwards- Ca$hing Objections a1.2
Inventions- Continuous Portrait  a5 https://inventions.bandcamp.com/album/continuous-portrait 
Greg Gives Peter Space- s/t  a2 
Claire Rousay- Both  a1 https://clairerousay.bandcamp.com/album/both 
Imaginary Softwoods- Annual Flowers in Color  a2 https://imaginarysoftwoods.bandcamp.com/album/annual-flowers-in-color-2020-remaster 
Rival Consoles- Articulation  a1 https://rivalconsoles.bandcamp.com/album/articulation 
KMRU- Opaquer b2 https://kmru.bandcamp.com/album/peel 
Solvent- Subject to Shift  b1 https://solvent.bandcamp.com/album/subject-to-shift 
Olga Wojciechowska- Maps and Mazes b5 https://timereleasedsound.bandcamp.com/album/maps-and-mazes 
Tape Loop Orchestra- Returning One b1.2 

OEP 9/8/10:Stijn Hüwles guest mix

OEP 9/8/10:Stijn Hüwles guest mix

September 9, 2020

Big thank you to Stijn for providing this week's guest mix. Check out his recent releases at his bandcamp site including Frameless and his project Silent Vigils: 


1. Joachim Badenhorst: Daimonjiyama
2. CV & JAB: Stone Circle
3. Ian Hawgood: To Bow, To Ascend
4. Claire M. Singer: Rionnag A Tuath
5. Sawako: Field near the Airport
6. Jake Muir: Yaupon
7. Belly Full Of Stars: Skipandwow
8. Soccer Committee: Acapela
9. Minamo & Moskitoo: Atypical Dialogue
10. Adriaan De Roover: Voor Damiaan
11. Kali Malone: Sacrificial Code
12. Bird Traps: Vadhana
13. Mads Emil Nielsen: Leuchtkäfer
14. Ishmael Cormack: Slow Weaver
15. Silent Vigils: Wake

OEP 8/25/20: Zakè guest mix

OEP 8/25/20: Zakè guest mix

August 26, 2020

Big thank you for Zakè, co-owner of the phenomenal Past Inside the Present label, for putting together this week's guest mix. Included are unreleased and upcoming albums on the label. Check out the label's bandcamp for more information, as well as Zakè's latest release, Coppice Movements, on his own Zakè Drone Recordings label:

EU customers: https://www.juno.co.uk/labels/Past+Inside+The+Present+Us/

[00:00:00.000] Pallette 'It's The Little Things, Pt.I'
[00:11:24.098] Ai Yamamoto 'Love You Tender'
[00:22:10.827] Pepo Galán & Sita Ostheimer 'You Are Like A Ghost Lover'
[00:25:49.820] AUSKLANG 'Ruhe'
[00:35:43.083] Carlos Ferreira 'Still Breathing'
[00:39:48.011] Jörgen Kjellgren 'Warm Luminous'
[00:51:35.482] Christina Giannone 'Illusions'
[00:58:49.272] (end)

OEP 8/4/20: Gregory Euclide guest mix

OEP 8/4/20: Gregory Euclide guest mix

August 5, 2020

Thank you to Gregory Euclide, artist and label owner of Thesis, for putting this guest mix together. Check out his label's bandcamp and his personal page for information on his art below: 


Night of Acacias- Movietone 
Together Apart- Solo Andata 
Late Summer Early Autumn- Takeshi Nishimoto 
Oil Bread- Emilía 
Belgien- Swod 
Except Memories- Insa Donja Kai 
Fourier- Marcus Fischer + The OO-Ray 
Lumberton- Rafael Anton Irisarri 
Sight Unseen- Dustin O’Halloran & Benoît Pioulard 
Lac des Arcs- Julia Kent 
Angel of Loll- Loscil 
Loss- Death Blues 
Come Silence- Dag Rosenqvist 
Betty- Simon Scott 
Hollow- Seaworthy + Taylor Deupree 
I’m Never Not Thinking About You- Olga Wojciechowska 
For Misty- Heather Woods Broderick 
Lisbon, OH- Bon Iver 
Up to Pizmo- Labradford 
First- yMusic 

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Optic Echo Presents 7/28/20

Optic Echo Presents 7/28/20

July 29, 2020

Dedekind Cut- $uccessor b3 https://dedekindcut.bandcamp.com/album/uccessor-ded004-lp
Gia Margaret- Mia Gargaret b1 https://giamargaret.bandcamp.com/album/mia-gargaret
Ben Shemie- A Single Point of Light a5 https://benshemie.bandcamp.com/album/a-single-point-of-light
Loscil-Sea Island c3 https://loscil.bandcamp.com/album/sea-island
Ben Bondy-Sibling a1 https://bblisss.bandcamp.com/album/sibling
Julianna Barwick-Healing is a Miracle a4 https://juliannabarwick.bandcamp.com/album/healing-is-a-miracle
Terror Train-s/t a5 https://attacknine.bandcamp.com/album/terror-train
Bohren & Der Club of Gore-Sunset Mission a1
Simon Scott-Migrations b1 https://simonscott.bandcamp.com/album/migrations
Delia Derbyshire-The Dreams a3
Black Brunswicker & Lucy Gooch & Zaké-Thesis 18 a1 https://thesisproject.bandcamp.com/album/thesis-18-black-brunswicker-lucy-gooch-zak
Florian T M Zeisig-Coatcheck a2 https://enmossed.bandcamp.com/album/coatcheck
The KLF-America: What Time is Love? 7” b1

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OEP 7/21/20: Ryan Griffin/ASIP guest mix

OEP 7/21/20: Ryan Griffin/ASIP guest mix

July 22, 2020

Big thank you to Ryan Griffin, label owner of A Strangely Isolated Place, for putting together this vinyl mix. Check out his mixes and bandcamp sites for top notch music:


1. Pauline Oliveiros - I of IV [Odyssey, 1967]
2. Arovane - The Storm [CCO, 2000]
3. Christina Vantzou - Music For a Room with a Vaulted Ceiling [Temporary Residence, 2020]
4. Blinkar från Norr - Other Days [A Strangely Isolated Place, 2020]
5. Pauline Anna Strom - In Flight Suspension [Rvng Intl., 2017]
6. Autechre - Piezo [Warp, 1994]
7. Aardvarck - U Are, When U Not Think [Crowd, 2019]
8. Aphex Twin - On (D-Scape remix) [Warp, 1993]
9. Sophia Loizou - Silver Nemesis [Kathexis, 2016]
10. Skanfrom - Midnight Romance [Thrill Beat Construction, 2001]
11. Aphex Twin - On [Warp, 1993]
12. Blanck Mass - Chernobyl [Rock Action, 2011]
13. Murcof & Vanessa Wagner - Farewell O’World O’Earth [Infiné, 2016]
14. Secede - The King Of Sanda [Lapsus, 2019]
15. Susumu Yokota - Gekkoh [Leaf, 1999] / Steve Reich - Come Out [Odyssey 1967]
16. Seefeel - Through You [Too Pure, 1993]
17. Neozaïre – Graves Creek Tab [Fauxpas Musik, 2016]
18. Low - The Son, The Sun [Sub Pop, 2018]
19. Roberto Musci - Claudia, Wilhem R. And Me [Raw Material, 1984]
OEP 7/7/20: Marcus Fischer guest mix

OEP 7/7/20: Marcus Fischer guest mix

July 8, 2020

Huge thank you to my PDX friend Marcus Fischer for putting together this guest mix. I have known him for over a decade, and before he went ambient big w/ 12k he was the one putting together all the ambient show fliers and playing most of them (all for free of course). He is the guy that you go on tour with and he plays different sets every show while you play the same exact thing every stop. He is the best!


0:00 MINAMO & MOSKITOO - “Atypical Dialogue” - Superstition

6:27 Sam Prekop - “September Remember” - Comma (Coming August 21st, 2020 - Thrill Jockey) 

11:15 Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - “Wave” - Elements of Light

15:06 Collen - “The Golden Morning Breaks” - The Golden Morning Breaks

19:57 Daniel Schmidt - “And the Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn” - In My Arms, Many Flowers

27:42 Світлана Охріменко - “III Episode” - Original Performed Soundtrack Transilvania Smile

33:23 Emily A. Sprague - “Mesa” - Mesa

38:01 Hiroshi Yoshimura - “Feet” - Green

43:57 Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange - “Light. Everywhere is Light…” - The Afterlife

52:50 Sibylle Baier - “Forget” - Colour Green

55:24 Marcus Fischer & Ryuichi Sakamoto - “Fragile Well” - Incomplete 

Optic Echo Presents 6/30/20

Optic Echo Presents 6/30/20

July 1, 2020

Forest Management- Encounter a1 https://forestmanagement.bandcamp.com/album/encounter
Alex Haley- Tells the Story a1
Cremation Lily- Processes and Instruments of Normal People… a3 https://cremationlily.bandcamp.com/album/the-processes-and-instruments-of-normal-people-trying-and-failing-falling-and-water-running-2
Belong- Common Era b5 https://belong.bandcamp.com/album/common-era
Beatriz Ferreyra- Echos + a1 https://room40.bandcamp.com/album/echos
Goldmund- Malady of Elegance a5 https://heliosmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-malady-of-elegance
Tim Hecker- Harmony in Ultraviolet c1 https://timhecker.bandcamp.com/album/harmony-in-ultraviolet
Jacaszek- Treny b2
Yellow Moon Band (Xela remix)- Remixes b1
Deaf Center- Pale Ravine a1 https://deafcenter.bandcamp.com/album/pale-ravine
Anduin + Jasper TX- Bending of Light a1
Max Richter- Blue Notebooks a3 https://dg.lnk.to/Richter-TheBlueNotebooks

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OEP 6/23/20: CM Wolf guest mix

OEP 6/23/20: CM Wolf guest mix

June 25, 2020

Big thank you to CM Wolf for putting together this week's guest mix. He runs the Variform sound gallery here in downtown PDX with his wife Patricia, find out more at https://www.variform.org/ 

Susan Epps - Streets of Recovery 
Maggi Payne - Ahh-Ahh (ver 2.1) 
Francesco Messina - Fine Novecento 
Sea Urchin - Natal Uranus, il Corpo Sotto la Sabbia (Single edit) 
Shining Lotus - Water Trance cassette side 2 
Masahiro Sugaya - 空にとけるサーカス 
A.R.T. Wilson - Sun Sign Aries 
Takao - Crystal Tunnel 
Nini Raviolette and Hugo Weris - Slow 
Elaine Kibaro - L'Amour Pour Bouclier 
Aragon - Polaris 
Masashi Hamauzu — Wandering Flame 
Ned Bouhalassa - Les Ondes Fantômes-Montréal Inoui 
Joji Yuasa - I've Lost It 
Jonathan William Scherk - Untitled 3 
G.S. Sultan - Modified Mirror and Match 
Sam Kidel - Voice Recognition DoS Attack 
Ellen Arkbro - Chords for Guitar 
Anne Laplantine - Hamburg 1 
Aki Tsuyuko - Solitary Tiger 
Khotin - Canada Line 
Kevin Holden - Live at YU 

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