Optic Echo Presents

Optic Echo Presents 9/11/18

September 12, 2018

New albums by:
Forest Management- https://forestmanagement.bandcamp.com/album/21st-century-man
Suite Rosenqvist Errante- https://dakotasuitedagrosenqvistandemanueleerrante.bandcamp.com
Aaron Martin Tilman Robinson- https://thesisproject.bandcamp.com/album/thesis-set-03
Tape Loop Orchestra- https://tapelooporchestra.com/record/TLOITCLP005
Swamp Dogg- https://swampdogg.bandcamp.com/album/love-loss-and-auto-tune

Optic Echo Presents
Tuesday nights 6-8pm PST
Streaming www.xray.fm
107.1 / 91.1 FM KXRY Portland

Forest Management- 21st Century Man a1
Offthesky & Pleq- A Thousand Fields a2
D Suite, D Rosenqvist & E Errante- What Matters Most a1
Hammock- Maybe They will Sing for Us Tomorrow d3
Banabila/Erker/Machinefabriek/Zenial- s/t a1
Pye Corner Audio- Black Mill Tapes v 1&2 d3
O Arnalds N Frahm- Stare 10” a1
Aaron Martin Tilman Robinson- Thesis 11 a2
Tape Loop Orchestra- Return to the Light b1
J Dilla- Dillatronic 1 b1
Swamp Dogg- Love, Loss and Autotune a4

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