Optic Echo Presents

Optic Echo Presents 8/1/17

July 8, 2018

-I started off with a track off the new Marcus Fischer, "Loss" on 12k out 9/1/17. More information here:

-The Famous Boyfriend 7" was played slower, at 33rpm

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Marcus Fischer- Loss a2
Nevermen (Boards of Canada remix)- Mr. Mistake 7” b1
Anduin- Forever Waiting a3
Godspeed You! Black Emperor- Yanqui U.X.O d1.2
A Winged Victory for the Sullen- Atomos b2
Xela- Dead Sea b1
Modern Institute- Excellent Swimmer b3
múm- Finally We Are No One 10” c2
Rafael Anton Irisarri- The North Bend a3
Nils Frahm- Felt a2
Moss- Moth b2
Rival Consoles- Night Melody a2
Concern- Caesarean b1
Flying Lotus- Los Angeles a4
Famous Boyfriend- No-One Will Give You Anything 7” b1 (@33)
Carlos Casas- Siberian Field Recordings / Interview with a Wale Hunter 7” a1
Dakota Suite (Emanuele Errante remix)- The Night Just Keeps Coming In d1

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