Optic Echo Presents

Optic Echo Presents 6/2/20

June 3, 2020

Nik Francis Trio- Floats the Wind b3: https://topology.bandcamp.com/album/floats-the-wind
Flying Lotus- Cosmogramma a4: https://flying-lotus.warp.net/release/123645-flying-lotus-cosmogramma
Dedekind Cut- Tahoe b1: https://leebannon.bandcamp.com/album/tahoe-ded007
VA- Beyond the Blues b6.2
Serengeti- Dennis 6E a2: https://kennydennis.bandcamp.com/album/dennis-6e
Swamp Dogg- Love, Loss and Auto Tune b4: https://swampdogg.bandcamp.com/album/love-loss-and-auto-tune
Galcher Lustwerk- Information a1: https://galcherlustwerk.bandcamp.com/album/information
Malcom X- Fire and Fury a1
Ras G- Down2Earth vol. 2 a6: https://rasgtheafrikanspaceprogram.bandcamp.com/album/down-to-earth-vol-2
Forest Management- After Dark b3: https://forestmanagementadr.bandcamp.com/album/after-dark
J Dilla- Donuts a6: https://dilla.bandcamp.com/album/donuts
Teebs- Anicca a1: https://teebs.bandcamp.com/album/anicca
I was on a zoom w/ the executive of XRAY, Klyph, Ambush, and others the night before Blackout Tuesday, wondering what to do for the next day's broadcast. We hoped to go silent the entire day, but weirdly enough it's illegal to not broadcast on FM and we could lose our license (big deal). I decided to play music the first 30min by black artists I admire, play speeches the next 30min by black voices, then I handed it off to Ambush of the black run The Numberz radio station (96.7 PDX) for the last hour. This is the first section, listen to the podcast on www.xray.fm for the full show.

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