Optic Echo Presents

Optic Echo Presents 1/16/18

July 8, 2018

New albums by:
Thesis: https://thesisproject.bandcamp.com
Certain Creatures: https://certaincreatures.bandcamp.com/album/nasadiya-sukta
Remote Viewer: https://boomkat.com/products/us-in-happier-times

Optic Echo Presents
Tuesday nights 6-8pm PST
Streaming www.xray.fm
107.1 / 91.1 FM KXRY Portland

Tim Hecker- Ravendeath 1967 b1
From the Mouth of the Sun- Hymn Binding b1
Christmas Lights- s/t b2
Kinbrae & Tony Dekker- Thesis 09 b2
Telefon Tel Aviv- Fahrenheit Fair Enough d2
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement- The Plant w/ Many Faces b2
Odd Nosdam- Burner a2
Eluvium- Life Through Bombardment v2 e1
Jessie Jackson- Our Time Has Come a1
Future Sound of London- Dead Cities c2
Certain Creatures- Nasadiya Sukta a3
Andy Stott- Too Many Voices c2
Hildur Gudnadottir- Saman a2
Remote Viewer- Us, In Happier Times a1

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