Optic Echo Presents

Optic Echo Present 2/5/19

February 7, 2019
Featuring new material by:
Jobin + Chartier- https://richardchartier.bandcamp.com/album/duo
36- https://astrangelyisolatedplace.bandcamp.com/album/fade-to-grey
Vitiello & Deupree- https://12kmusic.bandcamp.com/album/fridman-variations
Secede- https://secede.bandcamp.com/album/tryshasla-deluxe-edition
Optic Echo Presents 
Tuesday nights 6-8pm PST 
Streaming www.xray.fm 
107.1 / 91.1 FM KXRY Portland
DJ Shadow- Endtroducing  b2/d3
Odd Nosdam- No More Wig for Ohio  b7
Good Weather for an Airstrike- Torpor 10”  b2
Belong - Common Era  a4
Casino vs. Japan- Go Hawaii  b3.2
France Jobin + Richard Chartier- Duo  a1
CBS Sound Library- Sirens: Fire Engines  a6/7
36- Fade to Grey  c1
Secede- Tryshasla  b1
ASC & Sam KDC- Decayed Society  a2
Warmth- Home  d2
Inventions- Blanket Waves  b1.2
Stephen Vitiello & Taylor Deupree- Fridman Variations  b1
William S. Burroughs- Nothing Here Now but the Recordings  b1
Secret Pyramid- The Silent March  a1

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