Optic Echo Presents

OEP: best vinyl of 2020

January 27, 2021


KMRU- Peel c1 

Jake Muir- The Hum of Your Veiled Voice b2 

Lucy Gooch- Rushing a2 

Quiet Places- Volume 1 a1 

TR Jordan- Just for You a1 

Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson- Rain Shadow a2 

Fadi Tabbal- Subject to Potential Errors and Distortion a4 

Tape Loop Orchestra- Returning Two a1.2 

36 & Zakè- Stasis Sounds for Long-Distance Space Travel a2 

Valance Drakes- Freedom is it’s Own Kind of Slavery b1 

OFFTHESKY & The Humble Bee- We Were the Hum of Dreams b3 

Inventions- Continuous Portrait b4 

Sarah Davachi- Cantus, Descant a3 

WL (Patricia Wolf remix)- ADHD (flexidisc) 

Night Sea- Still b1 

Pepo Galan & Sita Ostheimer- Contact b3 

Windy and Carl- Allegiance and Conviction b1 

Gia Magaret- Mia Garget b1 

Haunted Ghost- New Life Paeans a3 

Claire Rousay- Both b1.2 

R beny - The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Glow a1 

Black Brunswicker- Thesis 18 b1.2 

Secret Pyramid- Embers b2

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