Optic Echo Presents

OEP best vinyl of 2018

January 2, 2019

Our best vinyl of 2018 featured on Headphone Commute!

Dakota Suite, Dag Rosenqvist, Emanuele Errante- What Matters Most  b5

Grouper- Grid of Points  a1

Kyle Bobby Dunn- Print / Track 04  a1

Cremation Lily- In England Now, Underwater  a2

Low- Double Negative  a4

Gas- Rausch  b1.2

Beach House- 7  a6

Dialect- Loose Blooms  b3

Hotel Neon- Means of Knowing  d3

William Basinski + Lawrence English- Selva Oscura  a1

Helios- Veraditas  a3

Christina Vantzou- No 4  a4

The Black Dog- Black Daisey Wheel  b3

Alaskan Tapes- You Were Always an Island  a4

Solidarity Hymn- For a Wandering Beam of Sun  c1

Nils Frahm- All Melody  a2

VA (Visable Cloaks)- Field Works: Initial Sounds  b1

Swamp Dog- Love, Loss and Auto-Tune  a1

Aaron Martin & Tilman Robinson- Thesis 11  a1

Jan Wagner- Nummern  a1

Rauelsson- Mirall  a4

Tape Loop Orchestra- Lead Us Into the Light  b1.3

Serengeti- Dennis 6E  a2

Aaron Martin- Touch Dissolves  b2

Markus Guentner- Empire  c1

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