Optic Echo Presents

OEP 8/25/20: Zakè guest mix

August 26, 2020

Big thank you for Zakè, co-owner of the phenomenal Past Inside the Present label, for putting together this week's guest mix. Included are unreleased and upcoming albums on the label. Check out the label's bandcamp for more information, as well as Zakè's latest release, Coppice Movements, on his own Zakè Drone Recordings label:

EU customers: https://www.juno.co.uk/labels/Past+Inside+The+Present+Us/

[00:00:00.000] Pallette 'It's The Little Things, Pt.I'
[00:11:24.098] Ai Yamamoto 'Love You Tender'
[00:22:10.827] Pepo Galán & Sita Ostheimer 'You Are Like A Ghost Lover'
[00:25:49.820] AUSKLANG 'Ruhe'
[00:35:43.083] Carlos Ferreira 'Still Breathing'
[00:39:48.011] Jörgen Kjellgren 'Warm Luminous'
[00:51:35.482] Christina Giannone 'Illusions'
[00:58:49.272] (end)

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