Optic Echo Presents

OEP 6/9/20: Fax guest mix

June 10, 2020

Big thank you to Rubén Alonso / Fax for providing this week's guest mix. Check out his new album out with Ibarra on Fallen Moon Records entitled Black Echo : https://fallenmoonrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/alonso-x-ibarra-black-echo 

Bufferin Memories (Excerpt 1)- Raymond Scott 
The Revolt Of Aphrodite- Primitive World 
Pool- Martina Lussi 
Weight- Sary Moussa 
Formas Aparentes- Jose Orozco Mora 
Three Sides of a Shell (1. Aperture)- Oceanic 
Procel- Naemi 
Bufferin Memories (Excerpt 2)- Raymond Scott 
No Tongue- Qasim Naqvi 
Third Bass- Aural Imbalance 
Remembrance- Midori Hirano 
Solidary Defeat- jjjacob 
Fortune Teller- Cosmic Neighbourhood 
Three Sides of a Shell (2. Columella)- Oceanic 
Mutualism- Huerta 
Pre-Op- More Eaze & Claire Rousay 
Elephant- Julian Edwardes 
Land III (Feat. Carmen Ruiz)- Fax 
The End Of Ecstasy- Schacke 
Bufferin Memories (Excerpt 3)- Raymond Scott 

Tuesday nights 6-8pm PST 
107.1 / 91.1 FM KXRY Portland 
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