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OEP 4/6/21: Christoph Berg guest mix

April 7, 2021

Thank you Christoph for providing this week's guest mix. If you've been following OEP for a while you've heard his music. For more info on him, his music and his label, Monochrome Editions, check the following links:


Maleem Mahmoud Ghania w/ Pharoah Sanders The Trance of Seven Colors (A1) 

Jon Hassell -  Theory in Malaya (B2) 

Illtet -  Gain (B4) 

Solo Andata -  Ritual (B) 

Don Cherry / Jon Appleton -  Don Jon 7” (A) 

Moor Mother -  Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes (B5) 

Lucy Railton -  Paradise 94 (A5) 

Svarte Greiner -  Knive (B2) 

Alvin Curran -  Canti Illuminati (A) 

Maki Asakawa 浅川マキ-  One (B) 

Colin Stetson -  New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges (B3) 

Áine O’Dwyer -  Gallarais (B3) 

Murcof / Philippe Petit -  First Chapter (B1) 

Daniela Casa -  Arte Moderna (A4) 

Kazue Sawai 沢井一恵- 現代邦楽の世界 (A1) 

Ryuichi Sakamoto (S U R V I V E Version)- Async - Remodels (C3) 

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